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Visit the website of Barrett Farms.

Barrett Farms was selected as one of five Tyson National Farm Environmental Award Winners on January 13, 2000.


Barrett Farms publishes a quarterly newsletter containing information for Oklahoma Poultry Farms the, The Poultry Farm Outlook. (Click the title to find out about the newsletter and for a subscription form.) You may also call to receive a complimentary copy: (580) 286-6776. Back issues are available here.


**NEW!** We envite you to join the Commercial Poultry Farm Management mailing list! This list was started on 9/16/00, so get in on the beginning and invite others to join. This list is for commercial vertically integrated farms, to discuss anything to do with the management of that farm, equipment, grow-out tips, and especially litter and mortality management.


**New** Message board for Commercial Vertically Integrated Poultry Farms. use this forum to discuss all areas relating to farm management.

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